HF Coors, Dinnerware Made 100% in USA

( 1925 to present day )


HF COORS, DINNERWARE MADE 100% in USA ~ is a full-line manufacturer of commercial quality, restaurant grade, extremely durable and highly chip resistant ceramic dinnerware. HF Coors dishes are vitrified/completely non porous, lead-free and cadmium-free, passing and surpassing California Prop 65 and FDA standards. Every piece (plate, bowl, platter, cup, mug, salt and pepper shaker, serving piece, mixing bowl, ramekin, tray, pitcher, sugar and creamer, baking dishes and other kitchenware and tableware) is microwave safe, dishwasher safe, freezer safe, oven AND BROILER safe (there is no temperature limit for HF Coors dinnerware) … and they are SO durable, they are even BUSBOY safe! We have been serving the food service industry for over 90 years. Our high strength body is specially made to meet the rigorous demands of this industry. We sell this exact same quality to our public consumers.

You know if dinnerware lasts for years enduring rigorous, repeated restaurant use and abuse, it will last for generations in your home.

HF Coors’ CEO has been awarded “ARIZONA 2018 SMALL BUSINESS PERSON of the YEAR”
by the United States Small Business Administration.

We sell directly to the public at our online store https://hfcoors.com/online-shopping and at HF Coors Store at the Factory, 1600 S. Cherrybell Strav, Tucson, AZ 85711 520-903-1010
We offer our restaurant ware catalog at www.hfcoors.com/restaurants only/
Please call to order.  800-782-6677 or 520-903-1010

The HF Coors engineers, craftsmen, designers, hand painters, pottery workers, customer service persons, and managers are largely “home-grown” and have decades of experience.

You will immediately feel the value you receive when you see, touch and use HF Coors dinnerware sets, place sets, plates, dishes, cups, mugs, bowls, trays, platters, baking dishes, salt and pepper sets, sugar bowls, creamers, ramekins, other kitchenware, pantryware, and tableware pieces .
You will come to BELIEVE in HF Coors – Dinnerware made 100% in Tucson, AZ USA, as we all do.

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HF Coors - Dinnerware Made in the USA 100%, was formed in California in 1925 by Herman Frederick Coors, son of the renowned Coors brewery founder, Adolf Coors. Interestingly enough, the HF Coors dinnerware business helped keep Coors brewery "afloat" during prohibition! ... Adolph Coors opened the Colorado Glass Works in 1887 to manufacture beer bottles for his brewery, the Adolph Coors Brewing Company. The Glass Works was leased to German-born John Herold in 1910, who incorporated the Herold China and Pottery Company on the brewery site in Golden, CO. Herold used clay from nearby mines to make dinnerware and heat-resistant porcelain ovenware under the trademark Herold Fireproof China. Adolph Coors Company acquired Herold China in 1914. The company began producing chemical porcelain in 1915 as a result of a World War I embargo on German imports. Adolph Coors’ second son, Herman F. Coors, was named manager in 1916. Herold China was renamed Coors Porcelain Company in 1920, and the trademark “Coors U.S.A.” was first used. After World War I, Coors Porcelain made fine china and cookware bearing the trademarks Rosebud, Glencoe Thermo-Porcelain, Colorado and others. During Prohibition, the ceramic business was largely what kept the brewery afloat. Herman left in 1925 to start the H.F. Coors China Company, a manufacturer of dishes for restaurants and institutional use, in Inglewood, CA. The H.F. Coors Pottery's trademarks include Coorsite, Alox and Chefsware. HF Coors' assets were acquired by Catalina China, Inc. of Tucson and moved from California to Tucson in 2003

  • 2003


    2003 HF Coors Brings Jobs to Tucson

    HF Coors moves to Tucson to offer jobs and local manufacturing. 100 trucks transported the factory equipment from California to 1600 S. Cherrybell Stravenue Tucson. Amongst the challenges: a 200 foot long, environmentally efficient gas tunnel kiln was disassembled, transported, reassembled and ready for business within a few months time.

  • 2007


    “HF Coors Store at the Factory” Opens

    Having been a huge success in the restaurant and commercial food industry for many decades, HF Coors decides to share its product with the consumer as well. We want homes in Tucson and across the nation to also be able to enjoy our high strength, highly chip resistant, “busboy proof”, lead-free, microwave safe dinnerware.

  • 2010


    A Star Event is Born

    In the Fall of 2010, HF Coors introduces “1st Saturday at the Potter’s Yard”.
    Wildly popular and successful, some of our customers have attended almost every event for the past 8 years, “1st Saturday at the Potter’s Yard” offers 75% – 90% savings on overruns, 2nd’s and discontinued items. Sign up to HF Coors E-Family / email list to learn about upcoming events and participate in this treasure hunt of an experience!

  • 2012


    HF Coors is on TV

    The popular “How it’s Made” tv show crew traveled from Canada to Tucson to film ceramic dinnerware being made 100% in the USA by HF Coors. Beginning with mixing lead-free clay from the powder up to carving master molds to making shapes, mixing our own colors in lead-free glazes from the powder up, hand painting dinnerware and more… You can see HF Coors craftspeople at work in our entire manufacturing process! See videos and other interesting stories in our Blog

  • Through 2019

    Through 2019

    Our dinnerware is everywhere!

    You may recognize some of what and for whom we manufacture: Mimbreno dinnerware (designed in 1937 by Grand Canyon and La Posada renown architect Mary Jane Colter for the Fred Harvey company…learn more about Mimbreno on HF Coors online shopping page), Ellen DeGeneres mugs and pet bowls, Fox Restaurant Concepts and Andrew Weil’s True Food Kitchen, True West (Westward Ho), Ritz Carlton, Houston’s, Janos Wilder’s Downtown Kitchen + Cocktails, Pizzeria Biancos, Beyond Bread, Sonoran Desert designs, Houston’s and Hillstone restaurants nationwide and colorful solids or hand painted patterns for consumers in homes across the USA!


Our president and CEO, Dirck Schou’s belief in retaining commercial dinnerware manufacturing skills in America led to the purchase and relocation of HF Coors from Los Angeles to Tucson, his native home, in 2003.

Many of the few US commercial dinnerware manufacturers still standing at that time, have since closed or chosen to manufacture in China or other overseas countries. Dirck has invested in land, buildings, plant, equipment, and developed people in Tucson. He and his associates have worked tirelessly to create a product line that is seen by the food service industry, private labelers, and the end consumer as offering very good value for the money, and is an excellent alternative to made overseas.

Once you have reviewed the beautifully crafted plates, dishes, cups, mugs, bowls, trays, platters, baking dishes, salt and pepper sets, sugar bowls, creamers, ramekins, other kitchenware, pantryware, and chefsware™ in the HF Coors website, you will begin to believe. You must actually see, hold, touch, and use to truly BELIEVE. Thank you for checking out HF Coors dinnerware!

Community Involvement

Donations of dinnerware help raise funds for: Thunderbird Charities-assisting children and families and improving the quality of life in our communities thru “Raising the Roof at Phoenix Children’s Hospital”, Miracle League of Arizona, Waste Management Phoenix Open Golf Tournament and purchasing specialty sports wheel chairs; TRAK, whose mission is to strengthen kids & community through animal interaction; and many more. Whether providing platters for children to paint and auction off at their school fundraiser, hand painting a pattern for the Southern AZ Food Bank including their logo or creating commemorative dinnerware for a local dude ranch’s anniversary, HF Coors is proud to get involved with community.

Statement of Capabilities

Delivering American Made Dinnerware Since 1925

HF Coors manufactures and sells dinnerware: plates, dishes, cups, mugs, bowls, trays, platters, baking dishes, salt and pepper sets, sugar bowls, creamers, ramekins, and other kitchen ware, and tableware pieces from our factory in Tucson, Arizona. Our dinnerware is made 100% in the USA. We mix our own high strength clay “from the powder up”. We make our own colors and glazes “from the powder up”. HF Coors creates its own master molds, production molds, operation processes and equipment. Our artisans design, make, hand finish, glaze, hand paint and high fire all of our dinnerware.

We sell in the fifty United States, and occasionally internationally when possible. Our labor is American, our materials and supplies are 95%+ American. Some of our equipment was made in England and Germany. Our products are fired to 2330° F, and are lead-free and cadmium-free. Our high strength body is specially made to meet the rigorous demands of the food service industry. All of HF Coors pieces pass and surpass government standards and CA PROP 65 for food service dinnerware and accessories. HF Coors plates, dishes, cups, mugs, bowls, trays, platters, baking dishes, salt and pepper sets, sugar bowls, creamers, ramekins, and other kitchenware, pantryware, and tableware pieces are renowned for being available to the public, as well, in restaurant white, a huge variety of bright colors, with decals applied, or hand painted. HF Coors’ special niche is a unique capability to customize shape, color, and design for commercial customers. We offer our restaurant ware catalog at https://hfcoors.wpengine.com/restaurants-only/
Restaurateurs, please call to order. 800-782-6677 or 520-903-1010

We sell directly to the public at our online store www.hfcoors.com/online-shopping/ and at HF Coors Store at the Factory, 1600 S. Cherrybell Strav, Tucson, AZ 85711 520-903-1010

Internet presence:
website: www.hfcoors.com
facebook page: www.facebook.com/HFCoors.Dinnerware/
blog: www.HFCoors.com/blog
twitter: @hfcoors1
see HF Coors on YouTube

Government work: HF Coors was awarded our first GSA contract in 1999. Currently we have government multiple award schedule contracts: NAICS Codes: 322211, 327110, 327111, 327112, 423220, 423840, 424130, 453220. We are a certified HubZone and Service Disabled Veteran owned company. Our DUNS number is 613146570.

Our Staff: Our two partners between them have more than 75 years experience manufacturing ceramics in the United States and England. Our employees are composed of core workers, some with more than 40 years in the industry and with the company, and some less experienced, company trained people. We have used E-verify since it was mandate by the State of Arizona.

Equipment and resources: HF Coors owns its 32,000 sq. ft. building located on 3.5 acres in central Tucson, Arizona. Our 200 foot long gas-fired tunnel kiln is one of the most efficient and flexible in the world. Our clays, other raw minerals and oxides, our cartons, decals, and other materials and supplies, are 95% Made in America. Our in-house designers, modelers and tool makers are backed up by our network of American contractors as needed.

Contacting us: Toll Free: 800-782-6677; Local: 520-903-1010. Facsimile: 520-903-1616. Email: info@hfcoors.com

Where you find us: Our entire operation (manufacturing plant, offices, and Store at the Factory) are located in Tucson, Arizona USA on Cherrybell Stravenue, South of 22nd street, across from Tucson’s main Post Office. We are 15 minutes from the airport and ten minutes from the Ajo/Kino I-10 exit.

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