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    We LOVE Southwestern Dinnerware…Inspiration for “Serape”

    HF Coors presents their southwest dinnerware pattern.

    We LOVE Southwestern Dinnerware…Inspiration for “Serape”

    The colorful Mexican serape, or “blanket,” is the inspiration behind this Southwestern dinnerware pattern. The traditional Mexican serape is often full of bright, contrasting colors, and to this day is used by the descendants of the early pioneers who brought the concept northward. The vibrant hues on each plate harken to the rich, cultural heritage of the American Southwest. While a traditional serape is brighter, with a greater diversification of color, the HF Coors Serape set is more earthy to account for the deeper, more subdued colors of the Southwest. The Serape 16-piece dinnerware set is filled with colors that define the Sonoran region, such as the rich turquoise blues, mesquite tree greens, and golden yellows. The plates are chip-resistant and built to last as long as the traditional serape design itself. For a dinnerware set that will transport your guests to a land of sunshine, tradition, color and wonder, you cannot go wrong with the Serape dinnerware set from HF Coors.

    See more at: HF Coors Serape Collection

    Interesting Inspirations Behind Our Dinnerware Patterns

    HF Coors explains interesting inspirations behind HF Coors Dinnerware Patters.

    Interesting Inspirations behind our Dinnerware Patterns

    HF Coors’ Master Artist, decided one gorgeous Southwest day, to design a dinnerware set reflecting the inspiration he received from Sedona, Arizona.

    All the richness of Oak Creek Canyon’s unique coloring can be found here, from the rich sandstone browns and reds to the bright blues and golds of the turquoise and copper mineral veins that are seen in exposed boulders. The exterior band of each plate symbolizes Arizona’s vast reservoir of copper, while the interior ring is for the world-famous Sleeping Beauty turquoise that is so prized by collectors. The small green and red dots within the interior turquoise band is the artist’s interpretation of seed pods, representing the determined plant life that grows in the harsh Sonoran Desert.

    Each and every piece of HF Coors dinnerware has no-lead; is chip-resistant, restaurant grade and extremely durable. You can even cook on it in the BROILER!
    Whether you’re planning to use the Sedona set at home or in a bustling restaurant, our plates are built to last a lifetime.

    Mimbreño is Here! From a Dining Car to Your Dining Room, A Legend Returns

    HF Coors presents the Santa Fe Railway Mimbreno Dinnerware.

    Mimbreño is Here! From a Dining Car to Your Dining Room, A Legend Returns

    1,000 years ago, artists of the Mimbres Culture painted their pottery with sophisticated geometric designs, spiritual and sometimes whimsical interpretations of the wildlife and nature surrounding them. The March Hare in the Moon, the Bird with 4 Fish Stuck in its Neck and animals with decorated bodies are testimony to unique Mimbreño humor and creativity. The Macaw, placed in a circle, symbolized part of the Mimbres Culture’s story of creation. Some of the images used in the original Mimbreño dinnerware (and HF Coors reproductions) are exact duplicates from actual, ancient Mimbreño pottery.

    In 1936, Mary Jane Colter (architect/designer for Santa Fe Railway Co., Fred Harvey Co. and The Grand Canyon and authority on Southwestern Indians) was so moved by Mimbreño artwork she created 37 Mimbreño style drawings to fit on dinnerware pieces for the new SUPER CHIEF TWO elite dining car.

    Today, the Santa Fe Railway Mimbreño dinnerware pieces are valuable collector’s items. Quality reproductions, made in the USA by HF COORS & licensed by BNSF Railway, are also highly sought after and wonderful additions to any collection.

    How to Set a Proper Dinner Table

    HF Coors shows how to properly set a dinner table.

    How to Set a Proper Dinner Table

    Any dinner guest can confirm this to be true: The table creates the atmosphere. The food might be the heart and soul of a dining engagement, but without the right table settings, the entire event will be off. Table settings are a craft in and of themselves. The type of event, the significance and the number of guests you are serving all define the appropriate table settings. Understanding the intricacies of this process is a really big deal in the entertainment business, even if we are just talking about a family dinner.

    When it comes to hosting a dinner party, the right dinnerware means everything. The plates on the table do a whole lot more than simply allow you to serve food. They showcase your personality, your level of creativity and your care about the guests you are receiving. Putting together a strong table setting comes down to a few basic elements: the right dinnerware and a couple of creative ideas to get you started.

    HF Coors shows the proper elements of a formal place setting.

    The Essential Equipment

    To set the table you need dishes, and not just any old dish will do. When you are sitting home alone, ready for a night of watching TV as you eat, a plastic plate might do just fine. But when the in-laws come by or you agree to host your boss and her husband for dinner, you are going to have to be ready for something with a bit more class.

    Matching flatware, coordinating glasses and plates, salad plates and dessert plates as needed — these are the very basics of table setting. Remember, coordination is just as important as having the materials. If all of your forks are different or if your plates don’t match, it is going to disturb the entire appearance of your table. Keep a set of classy dishes around for just such an occasion.

    Once you have the materials, get ready to put them in the right place. Use a tablecloth to create a warm atmosphere and to present a clean and distinguished table. Set plates in a single stack in front of every chair. Make sure that the table settings are not too close to one another. There should be at least 10 inches between every guest to allow for ample elbow room.

    When the plates are down, set up your table around them. Forks go on the left, and knives and spoons on the right. You can place a napkin beneath the cutlery, or go the extra step and create a napkin fold, something similar to origami, which really adds an extra element of elegance to the table. Water glasses should always be present, even if you are going to serve wine. Providing both glasses will give your guests the option of which beverage they’d prefer and prevent any unwanted pressure. If you are going to serve a salad or appetizer course, set the table with the additional plates or bowls. The smaller plate should be set in the center of the dinner dish.

    HF Coors dinnerware sets are a great way to start creating a well-designed table. The brightly colored plates of the Serape line can be mixed and matched with one another to create a festive design, and you can coordinate the plates and bowls to match the mugs and even decorative pieces for the center of the table. Or you can add color through your tablecloth and push the focus onto the food with the always classy and all-white “American White”made in Tucson, Arizona USA by HF Coors.

    Finally, the last element to achieve an amazing dinner table is the centerpiece. Don’t overlook this most basic yet essential component. A small vase of flowers or a scentless candle are both great choices. If your table is long rather than round, consider multiple small decorative pieces rather than one large item.

    Put some time into your table arrangements before sending out your next dinner invitation. You may be surprised to realize how much of an impact a well-designed table can have.

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