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    HF Coors CEO Dirick Schou Welcomes You to the Blog

    CEO, Dirck Schou, Welcomes You to HF Coors Blog

    Manufacturing beautiful, functional art in America, is what this blog is about: primarily about HF Coors, a small pottery; a commercial, restaurant and household ceramics company; one of only a handful left in America; perhaps the smallest, but also more versatile than the others.

    This blog will illuminate the amazing skills, talents, and creativity of my wonderful associates; the tremendous amount of material science and process engineering we practice each hour to turn clay into beautiful, functional, long-lasting works of art, at real value for the money. There will be many stories about our awesome customer-cheerleaders, what we learn from them, the joy of getting to know them and serving them. An estimated 95+% of our materials and supplies are made in the USA by our trusting, reliable American suppliers; much will also be said about them. You cannot get much more “Made In the USA” than our company! I believe in HF Coors. We believe in American Manufacturing. This will be my writing, my experiences, my thoughts, my feelings, my beliefs…as well as entries from my associates and various publications… all bringing the best of HF Coors to you and your home.

    Dirck Schou, President and CEO

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