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    HF Coors explains how their dinnerware is different and unique.

    How is HF Coors Dinnerware Different?

    • Every piece of HF Coors dinnerware is manufactured 100% in the USA.
      (We do NOT purchase or decorate pieces that were created in other countries-some of which create and ship toxic dinnerware to the USA.)
      All of HF Coors dinnerware is manufactured under one roof – in one factory in Tucson, Arizona. Therefore, we have complete control over what goes into our dinnerware and what does not.
    • HF Coors sources its materials from the USA. We do not use lead in our clay or glaze
    • HF Coors dinnerware has NO LEAD in it.
    • HF Coors dinnerware passes CA Prop 65 regulations in addition to FDA regulation
    • HF Coors mixes its own clay, from the powder up
    • HF Coors mixes its own glazes, from the powder up.
    • HF Coors craftspeople have been carving master molds, creating production molds, hand-finishing dinnerware pieces, glazing and artistically hand painting dishes for more than 90 years.
    • HF Coors “high fires” its dinnerware at temperatures higher than most other ceramic dinnerware manufactures. HF Coors 2,335 degree firing temperature provides you with these benefits:
      1. Vitrified, non-porous dinnerware that resists cracking, or “crazing” over the years.
      2. Highly chip-resistant dinnerware made to withstand repeated, rigorous uses in the restaurant industry. We call it “busboy proof”!
        You can rest assured that, as HF Coors dinnerware lasts years and years in commercial/restaurant use, it will last generations in your home.
    • HF Coors beautiful AND practical dinnerware is:
      1. Microwave safe
      2. Freezer-to-oven-to-table safe.
      3. Broiler and oven safe with no temperature limit.
        You can broil, cook, bake at any temperature you like, with dinnerware made by HF Coors. Then serve your culinary creation, on the same HF Coors piece you cooked it on, straight to the table.  Beautiful and practical!
      4. Dishwasher safe

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