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    Ceramic Bowls from HF Coors

    Ceramic Bowls

    HF Coors Restaurant Collection

    HF Coors has ceramic bowls for every use, in all sizes. Salad Bowls, Pasta Bowls, Serving Bowls, Prep Bowls…you name it. They also come in a huge selection of glazes: white, brown, white inside and color outside, patterns, matte glazes, glossy glazes, and much more! Try our fantastic BOWLS!

    At HF Coors we mix our own clay and create our own glazes to produce restaurant-grade, lead-free ceramics for our bowls. All of our pieces are high-fired at 2,335 degrees producing extremely durable, chip-resistant, vitreous ware. HF Coors’ superior quality and high strength dinnerware has served the rigorous demands of the Food Service Industry for almost 90 years.

    Ceramic Bowls for Restaurants

    Ceramic Bowls for Restaurants from HF Coors

    HF Coors is a full-line manufacturer creating many products like ceramic bowls for restaurants. Our products are made with high-quality, commercial grade materials. They will all be safe for microwaves, dishwashers, freezers, ovens, and broilers! Ontop of all of that you can expect them to be chip-resistant.

    Made in the USA from start to finish

    With our quality ceramic bowls for restaurants, you’ll be sure this is a 100% American made product. From start to finish we create this here in the states. From mixing our own high strength clay to mixing our own colors, and glazes. Not only that but we also create our own master molds and production molds. All of our artisans will design, hand finish, glaze, hand paint, and high fire all of our ceramic bowls for restaurants. Contact us today at 1-800-782-6677 to get started.

    Our Ceramic Bowls for restaurants are lead free

    A big part of our quality and customer satisfaction is to make sure our ceramic bowls for restaurants are safe. This is why we aim to surpass the standards of even the California prop 65 and the FDA. We make sure our products are not only highly chip-resistant but also non-porous, lead and cadmium free as well. Safety is a major focus at HF Coors.

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